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There are many variables that can affect pricing, but it's largely based on how much time it will take. My covers can mostly be thought of as composites - assembling lots of parts together, stock imagery, original photography, fonts, and textures, to make a wholly original image. These things take many hours to source, prepare, and assemble in a pleasing fashion. The more time that can be saved by preparation ahead of time, the less time I will take, and the cheaper it will be for you.




  • Front cover only
  • Simplest
  • Rapid turnaround


  • Free amateur stock images only
  • Pro stock images incur fee
  • Very little back-and-forth
  • One cover design presented
  • Limited time spent


  • Simple back cover with blurb
  • 2 cover designs to choose from
  • Extended back-and-forth
  • Multiple adjustments
  • Professional  stock images
  • Stock image fee not included, $5 ea


  • Front, spine, & back cover
  • 3 cover designs to choose from
  • A lot of discussion to get it right
  • Time spent to get it looking perfect
  • Stock images included in price
  • Slow meticulous work
  •  Prices based on US$25/hr. Additional time taken incurs additional fee.
  •  Payment made via Paypal. It handles exchange rates for international transactions seamlessly.
  •  All packages include web scale version at 72 dpi, and print scale at 300 dpi, acceptable at all e-book sites.
  •  Web banners, book trailers, etc, also available at additional expense.
  •  I am based in Melbourne, Australia. Time Zone anomalies may apply.

I call myself the Book Cover Whisperer because what I am best at is recognising what's wrong with a cover and knowing instinctively how to fix it, be it better composition, nicer choice of images, tidying up the rough edges, matching a theme or genre, picking the right font, or just having a good knowledge of Photoshop to make it look its best.

For instance, I turned these ugly ducklings into swans:

But that's easier to do when I have something to start from, rather than making it up from nothing. I need you to provide some things to help me see how you view your own work, so I can get it looking how you want it. So that means knowing your title and genre, example book covers from other authors that you want it to feel like, links to images online, photography you already own, text excerpts from your book, anything that will help me get the cover made quickly and efficiently, and therefore at the most affordable price.

I recognise you aren't making a lot of money from your book yet, and the temptation is to be as economical as possible, but there is truth to two adages that you need to keep in mind: you have to spend money to make money; and, despite everything, people really do judge a book by its cover.

Don't sell your work short, don't shoot yourself in the foot, make your book look as tempting as possible. All you want is to have your book read, make that your priority.